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Modern Calligraphy Services

Envelope Addressing

Want your special event invitation to stand out above the rest? Want to send out Christmas cards that will knock their stockings off the mantle? Consider the elegance of a hand-lettered envelope. Each envelope is a work of art, completed with time, care, and hard-earned calligraphy skill. Service is for mailing address only. Basic fee is $2.00 / envelope, not including stationary / supplies. Specialty ink would also increase the fee. Contact me for a quote. 

NOTE: A custom designed return address stamp can be created to match the envelope address style, be sure to request this option in your quote if required.

Place Cards and Escort Cards

Calligraphy can be on paper, stone, tile, leaves...or any other smooth surface you'd like to use as an embellishment on your event tables. Basic fee is $1.50 / card, not including stationary / supplies. Specialty ink would also increase the fee. Contact me for a quote.

Chalkboard Signs

Have a special event coming up and want to add a bit of chalkboard sweetness? I can create boards to suit any occasion, incorporating a blend of lettering and illustration. I even offer a board rental option - complete with lettering / design work - then just return the board when your event is complete. Contact me for a quote.

Wood Signs

Want a more rustic style? I can create custom made signs on rustic pallet wood, cottage pine, old fence boards, etc. 

All signs come complete with base coat, aging / distressing of wood if required, lettering, and are sealed with a matte finisher. Contact me for a quote.

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The Sassy Lassie loves timeless, classic styles blended with modern twists.


The name says it all...Sassy Lassie's designs are known to induce grins.


Want some bite and snark in your design? Sassy Lassie is your girl!

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